What's New


October 2017

Art trail time again, with a set of photos entitled: 'Local Places - Local Faces', which is a set of colour images, depicting people in various locations within the city.

Most of these are recent photos, nearly all taken this year, some only taken within the last two months, therefore not seen before.


November 2016

Back to the Duchess Cafe on the Wells Road, for a set of black and white photos entitled: 'Bristol Seen in Black and White', showing pictures that worked particularly well in colour.

This was part of the Totterdown art trail, and I shared the venue with two other artists.



October 2016

This is the time of year for autumn art trails, and I was one of the artists taking part in the 'Art on the Hill' trail in Windmill Hill, south Bristol.

My theme for this year was: 'Bristol Seen in Colour', showing various parts of the city in a series of colour pictures.

It was based in Victoria Park Methodist Church, and the venue was shared with five other people.




April 2016

I was delighted to be asked by the owners of a new restaurant in Welsh Back, 'Adelina Yard', to be the first artist to display work there.
They were particularly keen on my black and white photographs, most of which were taken in the dock area near the restaurant,which made it more relevant.

The theme for this exhibition was: 'Bristol Seen', and I was told that it proved to be quite a talking point amongst the diners.





March 2016

I had photographs chosen again by the British Life Photography Awards, two in a black and white section, and one in a colour section.
All three were highly commended, and were exhibited at the Mall Gallery in London, before going on tour.

They were also published in the second portfolio produced by the BLPA.




February 2016

The pictures in this exhibition were displayed in Filwood library, in Knowle, and I was given a larger space than normal, which enabled me to show some larger prints, which were really effective as a set. This show was themed: 'Tourists'.




January 2016

This exhibition is just down the road from the previous one, and is at the Totterdown Canteen. This theme is: 'Friends and Family', and is a series of photos in two sections, blackand white and colour.




December 2015

I am showing some prints at 'Craftisan', an arts and crafts shop which is on the Wells Road in Totterdown. The theme for the exhibition is: 'Umbrellas'.
The photos are all in colour, and are taken in various countries.





October 2015


'Hopelessly Devoted'

The above photo is on display at the Victoria Park Pub in Raymend Road in Bristol, BS3 4QW

together with a selection of other photos. The exhibition theme is:

'Love & Other Emotions'


The exhibition is on until the end of October.






September & October 2015

As a member of the photographic group 'Second Look', I have some photographs displayed at: 

Bocabar, Bath Road, Arnos Vale,

Bristol   BS4 3EH

The theme is: 'Bristol Places', and will run to the end of the month.








August and September 2015


This Autumn I have an exhibition with the title:

“Family Matters”

The exhibition takes place at:


A cappella cafe & pizzeria,

184c Wells Road,

Bristol BS4 2AL 

Tel. 0117 971 3377


"Lazy Sunday Afternoon" 


The exhibition finishes at the end of September.






February and March 2015


Last year I entered the British Life Photography Awards competition, choosing to enter some of my early work 

into the 'Historic Britain' section for photographs that have been taken thirty or more years ago.


This was the image they chose:



Portrait of a junior ballroom dancer waiting his turn to dance in a competition.


The image will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, from Monday, 2nd March to Saturday, 7th March.



There will also be a book showing the photographs from the exhibition, published by The Ilex Press, entitled:

British Life Photography Awards: Portfolio 1

( More details at: www.blpawards.co.uk, and: www.mallgalleries.org.uk) 






December 2014 - January 2015


I have had a photograph on display at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, as part of the "Second Time Around" Exhibition:



"The Tea Dance"

This is something of a departure for me, as I tend to work in black and white rather than colour, but I feel

                             that this particular image worked much better in colour.






                                                                                                     MAY 2014


           I have some prints on display in a joint exhibition at:

         Jefferson Studios, 80 West Street in Bedminster,

           as part of the Bristol Festival of Photography.



       The exhibition is expected to be on display until the end of May.








 APRIL  2014


I am having a photo exhibition this month, which is taking place at the Duchess cafe at 198 Wells Road in Bristol.

On display is a selection of my recent work, some of which is on the website, but others are totally new.

The prints will be on display until the end of this month, so please come along and look, if you are in the area.

I can thoroughly recommend the lovely tea and home-made cakes!


There have been some lovely words written in the Comments Book at the exhibition:


"Beautiful photographs - a wonderful eye for capturing the moment. Moving and affectionate portrayals of ordinary people...."

"... lovely seeing such ordinary moments in life photographed so well ....."

"Lovely evocative pictures. Very striking."

"Wonderful photos capturing such interesting moments...."

"Gorgeous photos, a brilliant take on everyday scenes. They are really captivating."


I really appreciate having feedback like this, thank you so much to all those who made it to the exhibition and wrote comments in the book.